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Cell, module utilization rates reduced markedly, sending pressure to the midstream segment

Following several rounds of price increases in polysilicon and wafer in May, monofacial modules rated beyond 500 W are traded at RMB 1.75-1.8/W

* Solar
June 16, 2021

Thin-film cells: Retrospect and outlook

In October 2020, First Solar researched and developed Series 6 CuRe technology, finding the fifth column of the periodic table (group V) as stable replacement of copper, thus reduced the use of copper, raising performance capacity and offering long-term

* Solar
June 10, 2021

Overall prices remain stable as buyers and sellers caught in standoff

The market sits on the fence during the SNEC taking place in Shanghai and the standoff continues after the exhibition.

* Solar
June 9, 2021

Price trend to be monitored as SNEC unveils in Shanghai

With overall demand being affected, the entire PV industry is hearkening to the SNEC, during which, PV InfoLink will continue inspecting current market trends. To keep posted, please refer to the 2021 SNEC articles by PV InfoLink.  

* Solar
June 2, 2021

Global energy storage market could reach beyond 800 GWh by 2030

The world will see over 3,000 GW of new renewable energy installations by 2030, as calculated based on targets set by governments around the globe. The figure may exceed 5,000 GW by 2030, as ESS InfoLink projected. 

* Storage
June 1, 2021

Tier-1 battery manufacturers could drive down lithium battery costs by 50%

The high price and inferior cycle life performance of lithium-ion batteries restricted their applications in some markets. However, the rapid rise of EV market over the past two years has driven battery technology to advance and prices to reduce, opening

* Storage
June 1, 2021

RE100-driven C&I energy transition provides opportunities for energy storage

Taiwan is lagging behind the world in energy storage development; however, with the government, Taipower, and major enterprises leading the way, it is still expected to see further developments in the foreseeable future. 

* Storage
May 21, 2021

Taiwan’s energy storage market is expected to reach 15 GWh by 2030

According to senior analyst Yuan Fang-wei of ESS InfoLink, in the optimistic scenario, Taiwan’s ESS market is projected to reach more than 3 GWh by 2025, 10 GWh by 2030.

* Storage
May 20, 2021

Taiwan may fall short of solar target for 2021 amid rising costs

Despite an additional 6% bonus to FIT rates for projects using domestic modules, EPC companies can hardly accept the module price hikes, resulting in 1.5-3% of impacts on IRR for EPC companies about to connect systems to the grid.

* Solar
May 7, 2021

Global energy storage market to see seven-fold growth in five years

In fact, energy storage solutions bring stability and value to PV systems. ESS systems can improve the reliability and accessibility of renewable energies.

* Solar
May 5, 2021

Impacts of U.S.’ ban on goods from China’s Xinjiang

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved legislation that would ban imports of certain goods from China’s Xinjiang region last September. The U.S. recently began investigation on solar products made in Xinjiang.

* Solar
April 29, 2021

China’s ecological redlines could protect 25% of its territory

Presently, the Chinese authority is stipulating a legal framework for ECRL that could protect at least 25% of the country’s land and sea area.

* Solar
April 22, 2021

2020 Taiwan EPC ranking: ChengyaEnergy attained top spot for first time

Taiwanese PV market increased by 18% from the previous year. Attributed to the three major indicative projects that were subsequently grid-connected in 2020, Tier-1 PV investors have commissioned more than 100 MW of PV capacity last year.

* Solar
April 14, 2021

Tianjin becomes major wind turbine manufacturing base of Siemens Gamesa

Paulo Soares, Siemens Gamesa’s APAC chief, said recently in an interview that its Tianjin-based facility is the company’s major wind turbine manufacturing base.

* Wind
March 30, 2021

Floating wind offers Taiwan opportunity to lead Asia Pacific offshore wind power

Despite the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, 6.07 GW of wind energy capacity was installed globally in 2020, a substantial volume. Europe is by far the leader in offshore wind power, with 50-60% of the world’s capacity. However, Asia is expected to catch up wi

* Wind
March 29, 2021

Floating wind turbines could be key offshore wind technology for the next decade

With nearshore wind becoming concentrated, floating wind turbines will emerge as an international trend.

* Wind
January 19, 2021
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