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New orders yet to be settled as negotiations continue

Production capacities of most polysilicon manufacturers have all been booked previously. This week, the market only saw a few rush orders and sporadic orders, with the latter being signed at prices approaching to RMB 215/kg.

* Solar
September 15, 2021

Price hikes did not continue indefinitely; awaiting new round of negotiations

With no inventory left for manufacturers to sell, significant price fluctuations will only emerge at the end of the month. However, a few wafer manufacturers were reportedly poised to raise prices again, amid vigorous demand. Whether wafer prices can rise

* Solar
September 8, 2021

Price hikes continue across supply chain amid polysilicon and wafer shortages

Polysilicon production capacities are fully booked for September, as utilization rates of the two wafer supermajors markedly increased, driving up demand for polysilicon. Market prices rose accordingly from last week’s RMB 203-207/kg to RMB 205-210/kg.

* Solar
September 1, 2021

EU to raise share of renewables to 40% by 2030

According to the latest report published on August 18 by Ember, an independent climate think-tank, the EU saw solar generation rise to record high in June and July, accounting for 10% of total electricity generation in the region.

* Solar
August 27, 2021

Biden administration steps up its solar power game

Since President Joe Biden took office, he has been actively promoting infrastructure construction and the development of renewable energy, and continually encourages the adoption of rooftop solar.

* Solar
August 6, 2021

China seeks government policies to boost distributed PV deployment

PV Infolink estimates China to add 50 GW of new PV generation capacity in 2021, bringing the cumulative capacity to more than 300 GW by the end of the year. Although the country installed merely 13 GW of PV capacity in the first half of the year, supporti

* Solar
August 5, 2021

1H21 global module shipment rankings: Longi secures dominance

According to the supply-demand database of PV InfoLink, Longi secured its leading position in the first half of the year, after attaining top spot last year.

* Solar
July 29, 2021

US sanctions over Xinjiang: Updates

Following the investigation on solar products from Xinjiang began this April, the U.S. is stepping up pressure on China recently.

* Solar
June 24, 2021

Global energy storage market could reach beyond 800 GWh by 2030

The world will see over 3,000 GW of new renewable energy installations by 2030, as calculated based on targets set by governments around the globe. The figure may exceed 5,000 GW by 2030, as ESS InfoLink projected. 

* Storage
June 1, 2021

Tier-1 battery manufacturers could drive down lithium battery costs by 50%

The high price and inferior cycle life performance of lithium-ion batteries restricted their applications in some markets. However, the rapid rise of EV market over the past two years has driven battery technology to advance and prices to reduce, opening

* Storage
June 1, 2021

RE100-driven C&I energy transition provides opportunities for energy storage

Taiwan is lagging behind the world in energy storage development; however, with the government, Taipower, and major enterprises leading the way, it is still expected to see further developments in the foreseeable future. 

* Storage
May 21, 2021

Taiwan’s energy storage market is expected to reach 15 GWh by 2030

According to senior analyst Yuan Fang-wei of ESS InfoLink, in the optimistic scenario, Taiwan’s ESS market is projected to reach more than 3 GWh by 2025, 10 GWh by 2030.

* Storage
May 20, 2021

Floating wind offers Taiwan opportunity to lead Asia Pacific offshore wind power

Despite the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, 6.07 GW of wind energy capacity was installed globally in 2020, a substantial volume. Europe is by far the leader in offshore wind power, with 50-60% of the world’s capacity. However, Asia is expected to catch up wi

* Wind
March 29, 2021

Floating wind turbines could be key offshore wind technology for the next decade

With nearshore wind becoming concentrated, floating wind turbines will emerge as an international trend.

* Wind
January 19, 2021
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