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SNEC 2021 Wrap-Up I: PERC products

June 10, 2021 InfoLink


Unlike last year’s edition where the pursuit of high power output led to a wide variety of cell numbers and power ratings, PV manufacturers this year mostly displayed products that are ready to go commercial this year, and they still have 166mm modules. In terms of large format module, most PERC modules come with a power rating of 550-600 W, while some introduced small format modules rated at 400-450 W for the rooftop sector.

Following manufacturers’ partnership built to promote different format last year, Longi, Jinko, and JA Solar promoted only 182mm modules, whereas Trina showcased 210mm modules only. Risen also sticked to 210mm format. Canadian Solar, on the other hand, displayed both PERC modules featuring 210mm and 182mm wafers; the company also displayed 182mm HJT modules.

In terms of 210mm module layout, Trina and Risen both apply half-cut and 1/3 cells, while Canadian Solar only showcased modules featuring half-cut cells.

Regardless of 182mm or 210mm, most manufacturers apply 9-12 busbars. Some manufacturers apply different number of busbars to cells of same size for different module layouts.

At present, the cell gap varies among large manufacturers. Prior to SNEC, Longi released a white paper introducing “Smart Soldering” technology applying to its new-generation Hi-MO 5 series modules. Jinko introduced n-type modules that applying welding technique. Several small manufacturers showcased modules applying narrowed-spacing technique. JA Solar launched modules adopting its new-generation gapless encapsulation technology. Meanwhile, Huasheng and Tongwei both displayed shingled modules.

PV InfoLink compiled a list of PERC products as below:


Emission peak and carbon neutrality became buzzwords at the exhibition this year. There were significantly more manufacturers promoting energy storage than previous years. Vertically integrated companies were active in introducing energy storage solutions to provide comprehensive solutions.


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