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Review and Outlook for PV supply, demand, and prices

June 21, 2021 InfoLink


The PV supply chain has experienced dramatic price movements this year. Polysilicon shortage, combined with large-scale wafer, cell, and module capacity expansion, led to overcapacity and strong demand for upstream materials. This caused manufacturers to panic buying and costs to rise continuously. As a result, polysilicon and wafer became the segments that generate profits again, diminishing returns of cell and module makers, which then slow their capacity expansion. Meanwhile, projects in China and overseas markets are deferred to next year.

Against the backdrop of high costs, module manufacturers have kept their price quotes at around RMB 1.75-1.85/W and USD 0.24-0.25/W for the second half through the first half of 2022. Such a price level has reached the cap of end users. InfoLink will explore developments in overall capacity, demand and price trends.

InfoLink will hold a webinar on July 8 to explore trends and outlooks for solar PV and lithium-ion energy storage with industry professionals. With “Link the Value for You” as our creed, our webinar will provide in-depth insights into supply and demand, price trends, market developments, as well as technology innovations in the PV and ESS sectors.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Review and outlook for PV supply, demand, and price trends

  • Solar technology trends

  • Li-ion energy storage market prospects and business models

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Questions can be submitted during the webinar through a chat window.

Date: July 8, 2021
Time: 13:30-16:00 (Beijing), 11:00-13:30 (New Delhi), 07:30-10:30 (Berlin)
Review and Outlook for PV supply, demand, and prices

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