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China added more than 4 GW of solar in first two months of 2020

March 24, 2020 PV InfoLink

According to PV Men, over 4 GW of new solar capacity was installed in China during January to February, with around 2.5 GW coming from distributed generation systems.

However, because of the belated estimation of commissioned capacity, the January figure in fact represented solar capacity installed in the preceding month, which may have amounted to 13 GW according to the National Energy Administration.

PV Men estimated earlier that around 10–12 GW of solar capacity assigned through auctions held last year are postponed for grid-connection until 2020. Moreover, 2020 will see the installation of not just tendered, residential, and grid-parity projects issued in the year, but also of last year’s 1.5 GW of Top Runner projects, 3 GW of ultra-high-voltage transmission capacity in Qinghai, and 7–8 GW of grid-parity solar.

Meanwhile, the authorities in Ningxia and Shaanxi recently issued a notice on the matters concerning new PV projects launched in 2020, stipulating that these projects be brought online by the end of the year. As tariff degression for the two GW-scale provinces will begin on December 3, PV Men reckons that project capacity coming online this year will far exceed anticipation.

While some research organizations are going to revise down their 2020 forecast for the volume of installed PV capacity worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, China’s share of the global solar installations looks set to grow even further this year than last, as the pandemic is subsiding in China and this year’s PV policy has been introduced in a timely manner.

Source: PV Men


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