Our culture makes us unique.

Discover yourself and limitless possibilities at InfoLink Consulting, where we believe everyone is with potentials. Our coaching-based leadership allows you develop a growth mindset. Here, you can try things out whilst cumulate professional experiences. You will be involved in decision-making process and solve problem with the teams.
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The happier one is, the more creative one becomes.



We believe that happy employees are more productive, and we are responsible for happiness of our employees. At InfoLink, we care about employees, providing a healthy workplace and positive culture, assisting them to be more versatile when faced with challenges, both in the workplace and personal lives.

Career development

We believe it is important to leverage everyone’s talents. Here we provide equal promotion opportunities, helping employees explore careers, realizing personal achievements, whilst cultivating professional skills.

Dynamic Team

We hear from team members and provide supports, improving team-work efficiency through brainstorming and constructive discussions.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is crucial. At InfoLink, we work with flexible schedules. We encourage employees to sustain physical, mental health and equivalence in life, to live a rewarding and high-quality life.


We care your well-being

We strive to build a warm workplace, allowing employees to live a steady life and focus on their careers. With comprehensive internal organization and human resource system, we show timely concerns for each employee and provide and abundant sources, encouraging them to engage in leisure activities and advance studies. With coach-base leadership, we help newcomers fit in, cultivate professionals through systematic trainings and diverse learning tunnels, and make the excellence our advantage for long-term competitions.

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We want to give every employee in InfoLink the opportunity to develop into the best individual with both deep functional and transformational expertise, thereby making impact on the world. At InfoLink, you will meet industry experts as your trainers and partners who will pass on their experience, knowledge, and expertise throughout the organization. We want to help our employees and clients solve their challenges, turn thoughts and ambitions into something tangible and create sustainable value. Whoever you are, if you want to make a difference and become everything you aim to be, we look forward to a successful journey with you.


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