PV Bill of Material Market Report
Scope to research: wafer, cell, and module BoM supply and application,  facilitating comprehensive analysis of BoM supply chain structures. 

The BoM Supply Chain Report contains
  1. Wafer BoM: diamond wire supply chain structure and trends of application
  2. Cell BoM:
    • Statistics of silver paste consumption per unit under different manufacturing technologies, supply and demand of electronic-grade silver powder and paste, supply-demand mismatch and price trend of Ag 999. 
    • Screen application and supply-demand dynamics
  3. Module BoM:
    • Statistics of glass-backsheet and glass-glass market size and, glass supply, demand, application, and price trend. 
    • Encapsulant application, supply and price trend and the supply and demand of EVA and POE resin. 
    • Backsheet application and supply
    • Ribbon application and supply
    • Frame application
    • Other BOM materials such as junction box.

The BoM Supply Chain Report offers a clearer view on BoM supply and choices of application of major manufacturers, allowing a more comprehensive understanding of industry bottlenecks. 
  • Report format: EXCEL/PDF
  • Release time: 15th of Feb. / May. / Aug. / Nov.
  • Language: Chinese/English

Price Forecast Report
Price Forecast Report is a monthly report, providing three-month, a-year, and five-year price forecast. 
The three-month price forecast is presented by week; 1-year forecast by month, and 5-year by quarter.

The Price Forecast Report contents: 
  1. Polysilicon: Siemens multi-grade, mono-grade, and non-China polysilicon
  2. Wafer: 182mm, 210mm, n-Type
  3. Cell: Mono PERC and TOPCon
  4. Module: Mono PERC, TOPCon, and HJT
  5. Mono/bifacial module prices
  6. Module spot prices
  7. Module prices by region *Including spot prices in Europe, India, and Australia,  as well as prices for mono/bifacial modules in the U.S. *Price quotes are categorized into RMB and USD

Price Forecast Report offers businesses real-time prices for reference. 
  • Report format: Excel
  • Release time: 10th of every month
  • Language: Chinese/English
Supply Chain Utilization Rate

Compiling utilization rates of more than 100 polysilicon, wafer, cell, and module manufacturers of different tiers in China and abroad, providing quick and clear understanding of manufacturing activities across the supply chain. 

The Supply Chain Utilization Rates contents:

  1. Production output of the preceding month
  2. Forecast for production capacity and output of this and the following month
  3. Updates on supply of all sectors 
  4. Summary of production plans of all sectors 
  • Report format: Excel
  • Release time: 10th of every month
  • Language: Chinese/ English
Monthly Note
Daily research, data analysis, and in-depth market insight by our analysts, who collect first-hand information through visiting companies, phone interview, and survey on market developments.

The Monthly Note focuses on supply-demand development and major events in the four main sectors of the ever-evolving PV industry, providing timely report and analysis during rapid market changes, providing detailed explanations from analysts and trend assessments.

The Monthly Note contents: 
  1. PV market overview, major events analysis
  2. Business development updates
  3. Policy updates
  4. Exhibition and forum highlights
  • Report format: PDF
  • Release time: 15th of every month
  • Language: Chinese/ English

Supply Chain Cost Structure
Detailed cost structure of polysilicon, wafer, cell and module production. 
Capacity of production at varying range of costs.

The Cost Structure Report contents: 
  1. Monthly and quarterly changes in production costs
  2. Detailed polysilicon production cost structure 
  3. Wafer and ingot production cost structure 
  4. Cell production cost structure 
  5. Module BOM production cost structure 
  6. Assessment of production costs and sales prices 
  7. Overseas profitability 
  8. Forecast of production costs and sales prices 
  • Report format: EXCEL
  • Release time: 
Quarterly: 20th of Jan. / Apr. / Jul. / Oct.
Monthly: 20th of every month.
  • Language: Chinese/English

New Technology Market Report
The New Technology Market Report collects data and provides analysis of wafer, cell, and module technologies, as well as equipment, BOM and yield rates of new technologies to keep you abreast of the industry trends and stay ahead of the competition. Analysts predict technology and equipment selection trends through conducting research and interviews with manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and BOM suppliers.

New Technology Market report contents: 
  1. Analysis of wafer size, thickness developments and market share
  2. Developments of diamond wire, and analysis of rectangle wafer selection 
  3. Data of high-efficiency cell capacity, equipment selection, tech comparison, efficiency and yield rate
  4. Updates on silver paste consumption and metallization developments
  5. Cost analysis of cells
  6. Product comparison of leading manufacturers 
  7. Updates on module thickness and weight
  8. Updates on BOM and cross analysis of frame, backsheet, resin
  9. Updates on bifacial modules
  • Report format: EXCEL & PDF
  • Release time: 5th of March, June, September, December
  • Language: Chinese/English

Supply and Demand Database
Supply and Demand Database is the most comprehensive tool for businesses drawing strategies for the future. Capacity statistics and sales information of global PV supply chain. This report contains open data, exclusive analysis, and forecasts for the current quarter, the next three quarters, and the coming four years. 

Supply and Demand Database contents:
  1. Overview of companies
  2. Statistics of polysilicon, wafer, cell, and module capacity 
  3. Statistics of polysilicon, wafer, cell and module production
  4. Statistics and forecast for demand
  5. Mainstream products and power outputs
  6. Statistics of cell and module capacity and production by size
  7. Capacity expansion of top 10 vertically integrated companies 
  8.  Shipment rankings of top 10 largest suppliers in each segment
  9.  Statistics of cell and module capacity in Southeast Asia
  • Report format: EXCEL
  • Release time: 5th of January, April, July, October
  • Language: Chinese/English


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