Global Lithium-ion Battery Supply Chain & Trend Report 2023 Q1

Demand for lithium batteries rise as electric vehicle and energy storage markets rapidly expand. However, cell prices, which are originally anticipated to decline, rose instead amid short supply, due to material shortage, metal raw material price hikes, and the pandemic-induced supply chain crisis. Metals needed for cell manufacturing, including copper, aluminum, lithium, nickel, cobalt, and manganese, are faced with challenge of “green inflation.” Moreover, continued advancement in technology may bring potential challenges due to changing cell materials. Theses issue remains inconvenience for the supply chain, leading to a crisis which all relevant companies, even governments, must face up to.

Global Lithium-ion Battery Supply Chain & Trend Report Contents

  1. Global lithium-ion battery market overview
  2. Supply and demand analysis of lithium-ion battery
  3. Analysis of upstream materials of lithium-ion battery
  4. Price forecast
  5. Analysis of major businesses in the lithium-ion battery supply chain
  6. Analysis of electrochemical cell technology trends
  • Report format: PDF
  • Release time: February, May, August, November
  • Language: Chinese/English
2023 Q1 Taiwan ESS Market Analysis Report
The Taiwan Market Analysis Report consists of results of professional industry investigation, statistics, and market insights. 

Taiwan Market Analysis Report contents:
  1. Overview on global electrochemistry energy storage market
  2. Taiwan energy storage policy 
  3. Energy storage: application scenarios and market size 
  4. Business models and tenders of the Taiwan Power Company
  5. Energy storage industrial chain: business movements, strategies, and up-and-down stream relationship
Supply Chain Updates: March, June, September, December
Global ESS Supplements and Updates: March, September 
Policy, Market, Business Model Updates: March, September 
ESS Policies of Major ESS markets: September
  • Report format: PDF
  • Release time: 25th, March, June, September, December
  • Language: Chinese/English

2022 Q3 Solar-plus-storage Global Market Report

With PV stations, both centralized and distributed, scaling up around the world, demand for energy storage will gradually emerge. China’s relentless introductions of solar-plus-storage policies and the rapid growth of residential ESS in Germany and Japan, both indicated the inexorable integration of solar energy and energy storage.

Solar-Plus-Storage Global Market Analysis Report contents:

  1. Global and major FTM, BTM-C&I, and BTM-Residential solar-plus-storage markets
  2. Solar-plus-storage LCOE assessment and forecast for FTM, BTM-C&I, and BTM-Residential markets
  3. Analysis of major players in global energy storage industrial chain
  4. Product analysis
  5. Updates on major markets (countries/regions)
  • Format: PDF
  • Update: March, June, September, December.
  • Language: CN / EN

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