We strive to Link the Value for You.

As a world-leading renewables and technology research and consulting firm, InfoLink Consulting works with global enterprises confronting challenges, helping them make the wisest decision and secure competitive advantage. With the future of low carbon economy ahead, we bring values to our clients, and changes to the world, accompanying our clients marching towards sustainable development.


We believe in Pursue excellence on Both Sides.

Founded in 2017, we are the best strategic partner to our clients. We provide comprehensive, tailored-made solutions, with rich industry intelligence and incisive analytic insights. Our clients motivate us to advance, and we, in turn, assist businesses to consolidate their stance in this competitive market and strive for excellence.

Standing firm on our position.

We started out providing market intelligence. Since our establishment, we’ve been working to offer practical, persistent services and real-time information through frequent communication with industry insiders and visiting companies more than 1000 times a year. With great market-sensitivity, we secure firm position in the renewable energy industry. Henceforth, we set foot on the field of technology, for technology shapes the future. As changes knock on the door, we seize competitive advantages, presenting all-inclusive services for businesses.


Launched solar analysis service


Clients 50+


Launched offshore wind and ESS analysis services


Launched technology analysis services
Clients 90+
across manufacturing, energy, and finance sectors


Global clients 160+
Launched PV consulting service


Lauched carbon risk assesment service
Released first issue of white paper
Lauched DataFactory V2.0

160+ Clients
1000+ Visits

Our value makes us extraordinary.

Values are the cornerstones for us to grow. We value information, integrity, and a greener world. With information, we help businesses stay competitive in the ever-changing industry. With integrity, we provide detailed, authentic statistics and information. Finally, hand in hand with our clients, we build a greener world for the future fashioned by renewables and technology.


Business knowledge is the key.

Our analyst team and the industry establish mutual trust. With rich experiences and discerning analysis, we provide our clients a clearer view at industry movements and global changes. We are dedicated to cultivating talents, who become our strength and resources to help our customers stay ahead of the game and prepare for the future.

Market Intelligence
Differentiation Strategy
Consulting Service

Creating value with sustainability

As part of the global community, we care about our corporate responsibility and impact on society. With an aim to achieve sustainable operations, we are delivering our environmental sustainability philosophy internally and externally through actions. We have joined the RE10x10 renewable energy initiative, committing to using 50% of green energy by 2025 and go 100% renewables by 2030 in the hope to make a positive impact on the environment. As a member of “TALENT, in Taiwan” initiative, we are committed to enhancing the growth and competitiveness of our employees through implementing transparent communication, comprehensive training, and an employee reward system.


We partner with industry leaders.

JA solar
Aiko solar
Jinko solar
vikram solar
TATA power
torrent power
lightsource bp
zhonghuan fund
shanghao securities

We are committed to purpose.

Our executives

Jason Huang

Jason Huang CEO

Mr. Jason Huang has devoted years of time to the solar industry. Prior to the founding of InfoLink Consulting in 2017, he served at economic research institution, vertically integrated solar company, and market research institution. InfoLink focuses on the research of renewable energies, including solar energy, energy storage, offshore wind energy, etc.

With more than ten years of experience, Jason is truly aware of the importance of information-based decisions in an ever-changing industry. Following the belief that “the closer you are to your customers, the better you will understand them and the market,” Jason has built an extensive network across industries, and guided InfoLink to form business partnerships. With an aim to bring more products and services to support our clients’ goals, he continues to set the vision for InfoLink and leads the firm’s continued growth in the renewable energy industry.

Corrine Lin

Corrine Lin Chairman

Corrine Lin is the Chairman and Chief Analyst at InfoLink Consulting. With over a decade of experience in business analysis in the renewable energy industry, she leads solar, energy storage, clean electricity, and carbon market research teams, offering business consulting services for competition and transformation.

Working alongside more than 160 energy giants worldwide, InfoLink Consulting has become a world-leading renewable energy research consultancy. Its regularly published reports on PV supply chain prices and technologies have become crucial benchmarks and reference sources throughout the global PV industry.

InfoLink believes that staying closer to our clients brings us closer to the market. Under Corrine's leadership, our teams continue to expand their research scope, providing strategic advice to transform businesses and stand out in the competition.

Our analyst team

Dora Zhao

Dora Zhao Senior Solar Analyst

Dora Zhao has over 16 years of experience in the solar industry. Prior to this role, Dora applied her expertise in business strategy, market analysis, and sales to a leading solar company, and has a deep understanding and knowledge of the industry.

At InfoLink, Dora focuses on the upstream and midstream of the supply chain. She analyzes and researches demand, supply, price forecasts, and competition in the industry.  

Derek Zhao

Derek Zhao Senior Solar Analyst

Derek Zhao has over ten years of experience in the solar industry. Prior to joining InfoLink, Derek had served at Tier-1 solar equipment company, BOM company, and vertically integrated solar company, with responsibility for technical support, product and market analysis, and technology management. 

At InfoLink, Derek focuses on technology roadmaps and production costs of all sectors across the solar supply chain. Derek consolidates InfoLink’s technology research, providing clients with clear, up-to-date, industry-leading insights and strategic advice.

Amy Fang

Amy Fang Senior Solar Analyst

Amy surveys and analyzes the supply-demand and module sector of the solar supply chain, with in-depth research on shipment volume, price, capacity, and utilization rate of module sector. She discerns market direction based on production capacity, output, and weekly price trends. She has established firm connections with both buyers and sellers across the supply chain.  

Amy produces monthly reports of price forecasts, market movement updates, and semiannual shipment ranking articles. She tracks market hot topics and policies in real-time, providing comprehensive and analytical insights.

Alan Tu

Alan Tu Solar Analyst

Alan Tu is an analyst at InfoLink Consulting. He specializes in PV supply chain analysis, conducting in-depth research on corporate competitive landscapes and market supply and demand dynamics. He unravels industry contexts and uncovers high-value industry insights.

Alan specializes in midstream wafer and cell sectors. With weekly supply-chain price surveys, research reports, domestic and international visits, and exhibition participation, he stays abreast of real-time market dynamics, offering clients forward-looking, professional market insights.

Jonathan Chou

Jonathan Chou Solar Assistant Analyst

Jonathan Chou serves as an assistant analyst within the solar research team. Before assuming this role, Jonathan provided support for diverse research projects within an incorporated foundation. Currently, Jonathan's primary focus is conducting policy research across regions such as the U.S., Asia-Pacific, and Africa. Additionally, he monitors project progress, assisting analysts in compiling information on global market movements and demand trends.
Kyle Lin

Kyle Lin Solar Assistant Analyst

Kyle Lin serves as an assistant analyst on the solar research team. Prior to joining this position, Kyle held a role as an assistant analyst at a renowned think tank, where he specialized in international studies and geopolitical analysis. 

In his current capacity, Kyle's primary responsibility involves compiling customs data of PV modules and cells across key global markets to facilitate accurate demand forecasts. Furthermore, Kyle dedicates his efforts to closely monitoring PV energy policies within the EU and its member states.
Jenny Lin

Jenny Lin Solar Assistant Analyst

Jenny Lin serves as an assistant analyst on the solar research team. Prior to joining the team, Jenny worked as a wafer-level packaging process engineer. In her current role, she conducts extensive research on policy changes and market demands within the solar industry, with a specialized focus on the Middle East and Latin America. 

Jenny monitors the development of various countries to ensure that our market forecasts accurately reflect real-world conditions. Additionally, Jenny tracks project developments and tender status worldwide, providing insights and clear perspective on global market demand.

Learn about InfoLink culture

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