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Whether you have an urgent need to reform business to stay ahead of the competition, or you want to streamline supply chain and operation, we assist you with complete plans and solutions to achieve your goals. Our consulting team is well-experienced in the renewable energy industry and will analyze data, plot strategies, in accordance with market trend and the need of clients, making nimble adjustments and pivotal decisions, strengthen your business to thrive and achieve sustainable development.

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PV industry competitor analysis

Every year, hundreds of new players set foot in the growing solar industry. Whether you are an established industry leader or a cutting-edge newcomer, staying ahead of the competition is crucial to success.

That's where InfoLink Consulting comes in.

With years of experience and a team of expert analysts, InfoLink provides real-time market information and the latest developments in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the solar industry.

InfoLink is expertise in advanced data analysis and strategy development, offering comprehensive insights into market trends, competitor business tactics, and national renewable energy regulations. Companies working with InfoLink have a better discernment of their competitors' sales schemes, product advantages, and long-term market landscape. InfoLink also provides customized solutions for companies to adjust pricing and sales strategies dynamically based on their unique product niches in the market, maximizing profitability.

  • Supply-demand model
  • Short-term, mid-term, and long-term price forecast
  • Technology and product-wise competitor analysis
  • Competitive benchmarking

PV production cost reduction consultation

Cost control is essential for companies to maximize profit and remain competitive amid significant price fluctuations. However, the cost of production can be influenced by numerous factors, leading to a difference between expected and actual production costs. To bridge this gap, companies must collaborate with experienced consulting teams to gain access to up-to-date optimization strategies and the best way of practicing.

InfoLink’s consulting team works closely with the solar supply chain, providing feasible cost-control solutions with comprehensive knowledge management systems. From raw material purchases to technology selection, production, and inventory management, we provide company-specific solutions for both new entrants and existing industry members to stay ahead of the intensifying competition in the solar industry.

  • Cost structure analysis
  • Benchmarking with industry leaders
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Cost optimization strategy and solution

B2B matchmaking for renewable energy

The renewable energy market is flourishing as the number of participants increases every year. However, the heterogeneity gives rise to several problems, such as a decrease in overall trading efficiency.

To address this issue, InfoLink Consulting offers comprehensive renewable energy solutions. For buyers, we compile actual price quotes on the market to resolve information asymmetry. For sellers, we provide demand analysis, enabling sellers to position themselves precisely on the market and build a sales channel for clean electricity sellers to acquire customers.

  • Tailored-made clean energy solution
  • Analysis of renewable energy PPA prices
  • Electricity market competitiveness analysis
  • Matchmaking
New Technology Market Report

New Technology Market Report

A report that compiles and analyzes developments and trends of solar technologies to help businesses keep up with industry trends, spanning wafer, cell, and module techniques. With comprehensive information of capacity data, cost effectiveness, equipment selection, BOM developments, and yield rate statistics, the report provides what is necessary for business to achieve product breakthroughs and attain success in the fierce market competition!  

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