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Whether you have an urgent need to reform business to stay ahead of the competition, or you want to streamline supply chain and operation, we assist you with complete plans and solutions to achieve your goals. Our consulting team is well-experienced in the renewable energy industry and will analyze data, plot strategies, in accordance with market trend and the need of clients, making nimble adjustments and pivotal decisions, strengthen your business to thrive and achieve sustainable development.

How we can help

Solar Business Transformation

Foreseeing the future, transforming strategically, re-shaping competitive advantages, and increasing social value are the roads businesses must go through to thrive in the long run. Our consulting team works alongside companies grappling with complicated researching tasks during transformation, helping them have clearer introspection, providing advice for revamps and solutions to fine-tune operating schemes.

  • Next-gen Technology Assessment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Solar-plus-storage Market Analysis
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation

Supply Chain Optimization

The solar industry has experienced fundamental changes over the years. After Europe’s long dominance over equipment technologies, China has now become the production and manufacturing powerhouse, holding in hand the entire equipment manufacturing supply chain and R&D, cutting production costs much more effectivity than European manufacturers. Our consulting team has the most comprehensive PV supply chain intelligence. You can be a new player or a long-dedicating PV company to have us at your service. We equipped our clients with more advantages by giving guidance on analyzing needs and preferences when choosing equipment, materials, and suppliers, allowing them to secure a firmer stance in the much competitive PV industry.

  • Equipment Selection
  • Materials Selection
  • Supplier Assessment

Operation Optimization

In the era of big data, statistics can have profound impacts on a company, both its operation and management. More and more enterprises seek to make wiser decisions through integrating and analyzing data, in order to take action and adjust tactics timelier than their competitors. With a professional data analyzing team, We are well-experienced in reading, managing data and have established our own DataFactory for the PV industry, which enables businesses to plot strategically and enhance completive advantages.

  • Product Analysis
  • Price / Cost Investigation
  • Organization Optimization
  • Strategic Layout in Global Markets
2023 Q1 global cell supply chain analysis

Global Lithium-ion Battery Supply Chain Report 2023 Q1

Seeking to improve risk management and lead your business with better decisions? Our global lithium-ion supply chain market report can help you optimize strategies, business planning, and cost control.

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Our Insight

Key factors that lead China’s solar-plus-storage market to thrive

China has been a major driving force behind the rapid growth of global solar market in recent years. The nation is not only the largest solar market in the world, but dominates manufacturing throughout the solar supply chain. Over 80% of global solar supply comes from China.

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