Big data visualizing analytic tool

With years of experience in the energy market, InfoLink Consulting provides businesses with the most in-depth supply-demand information in the “Supply Demand Database Report.”

To help businesses perceive the whole picture of the industry, making wiser decisions and strategies, InfoLink launches DataFactory, an all-inclusive data visualizing analytic system. DataFactory has visualizing graphs and real-time data that helps you keep track of market movements and trends, developing business and making decisions from a fresh new perspective.

Key features:

  • Visualized big data
  • Multi-filter
  • Interactive graphs and charts
  • Geographical analytic tool
  • Data exportation

Visualize data and see market movements

DataFactory integrates supply-demand data of InfoLink with intuitive system, visualizing big data, providing users a gateway to industry trends with actual figures and concrete analysis.

DataFactory has a one-page-interface, presenting production capacity, production output of all sectors and module technology trends. Multi-filter allows multiple filters to be applied together, such as time, company, country, technology, and size. Such feature enables users to focus on information regarding targeted markets and competitors.

DataFactory empowers you with:

1. Real-time industry intelligence:

With the most updated market movements of DataFactory, you will be always one step ahead of competitors.

Note: Production capacities in DataFactory are annualized data.

2. Analyst’s Note:

Insights of capacity expansions from InfoLink analysts are available any time. You can map out plans with analytic data without waiting for periodic reports.


3. Multi-filter:

Faster, easier data analysis with more modern, practical visual aids. This function helps you understand the interrelationship among statistics with flexible use of filters, sorting, summing, calculating functions, periodic comparing functions.

4. Data exported at one click:

Export data you need as Excel files for further references.

Make the best use of interactive graphs

Case study:

Anti-circumventing investigation the U.S. initiated casts uncertainties to the PV supply chain, possibly slowing down production expansions of Chinese manufacturers in Southeast Asia. With DataFactory, you can access the latest development of capacity expansions. You can choose certain regions or companies for comparison, easily assess how production capacities overseas are affected, and adjust business roadmap accordingly.

DataFactory’s multi-filter can present and sum up future expansion plans of competitors. The image below shows module production capacity from the fourth quarter of 2021 to that of this year. By leveraging various charts in DataFactory, you can immediately spot changes in manufactures’ production capacities and market share in Thailand.


Featured with various charts, DataFactory presents actual production capacity and share of each manufacturer. Interactive interface unveils hidden momentums behind statistics.


With our mission to Link the Value for You, InfoLink Consulting provides our clients and partners with the most instantaneous, accurate analytic service, helping them acquire analytic data and industrial insights, devising strategy from a broader perspective.


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