Upgraded DataFactory to visualize your solar business planning pathway

InfoLink has launched a new version of DataFactory with efficient data filtering feature that helps users increase the speed and depth of information comprehension. Compared to tabular databases that only display data in columns, DataFactory presents information through visual aids such as charts, maps, and rankings, enabling users to quickly find relevant information by selecting the desired market factors. By doing so, users can grasp the correlations between data, as well as the trends revealed in a massive amount of data. With DataFactory, keeping up with global market trends in the ever-changing solar industry and developing optimal business strategies is just one click away.

Make the most of the data

  • Comprehensive Industry Information: The most comprehensive photovoltaic supply chain and auxiliary materials industry information, obtain key supply chain data.
  • Various analysis functions: The dashboard reduces the time you need to compile data across files and enables data filtering, sorting, and aggregation for manufacturing capacity comparisons or competitor analysis, etc.
  • Data and image export: Export data to Excel and charts to images for business purposes with one click.
  • Analysts note: Gain insights into analyst viewpoints and uncover underlying data influences.

Application example: Polysilicon Capacity Expansion

As leading polysilicon manufacturers and new players bring capacity online this year, the long-standing supply bottleneck will be gradually eased this year. The supply crisis has raised awareness of the importance of securing upstream supply, prompting manufacturers to announce production expansion plans one after another and increase vertical integration. This indicates that the scope of competition in the solar market will change this year.

Switching visual representations to view capacity expansion

The following data is presented on a yearly basis. The chart on the left illustrates the expansion of each manufacturer, and the chart on the right shows the growth of the total capacity of polysilicon. The production capacity in 2023 sees a rapid increase compared to that in 2022. In addition to significant expansion brought by Tongwei and GCL, new entrants such as Lihao also emerged and add new supply to the polysilicon market on the whole. The bar chart presents the total polysilicon capacity growth, which is expected to reach 896 GW (2,171,300 MT) by the end of 2023.

Selecting percent stacked bar chart will show that the concentration of polysilicon capacity at the end of 2023 will continue to decline with the participation of new players.

Switching visual representations to see non-Xinjiang polysilicon and capacity expansion overseas

Notably, the U.S. has restricted imports of silicon related products from Xinjiang under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), while the EU is also drafting regulations, making the non-Xinjiang polysilicon or overseas polysilicon production a focus of attention for the industry.

Choosing the production location as a comparison condition, it can be seen that the production of polysilicon in Q1 2022 is still dominated by the Xinjiang region, whose capacity share is about 49%. However, with the commissioning of new production capacity in Qinghai, Sichuan and Inner Mongolia, the concentration is rapidly decreasing, bringing the share of polysilicon production capacity in Xinjiang down to 28% by the end of this year. The map at the bottom right shows the geographical distribution of polysilicon capacity by the end of this year.

After switching the comparison condition to countries, the expansion of overseas silicon is found to be much slower than the Chinese polysilicon. Despite the significant decline in Xinjiang's share of polysilicon, production remains concentrated in China in terms of countries.

Outside of China, the only countries with polysilicon production are Germany, the United States and Malaysia. After switching the comparison condition to companies and unchecking China in the country filter, the remaining overseas polysilicon manufacturers are WACKER, OCI, Hemlock, and REC Silicon only.

InfoLink's commitment to "Link the Value for You" drives us to provide businesses with accurate market data and information. With our newly upgraded database system, DataFactory, businesses can navigate the shifting industry landscape more efficiently, increase their competitiveness, and make informed decisions.

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