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Updated January 03, 2022

As energy transition took the world by storm, renewable energy capacity added each year has been growing. However, the large-scale penetration of intermittent renewable power generation on power system, such as solar and wind, brought challenges to grid stability and impeded the use of energy efficiency. To solve the problem, battery energy storage system (ESS) is the best and essential solution.

With PV stations, both centralized and distributed, scaling up around the world, demand for energy storage will gradually emerge. For instance, China’s relentless introductions of solar-plus-storage policies and the rapid growth of residential ESS in Germany and Japan, both indicated the inexorable integration of solar energy and energy storage.

In light of this, InfoLink introduces Solar-Plus-Storage Global Market Report, which features analysis and forecast for major front-the-meter and behind-the-meter C&I storage, behind-the-meter residential markets in China, the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Australia, the assessment of solar-plus-storage LCOE, the analysis and comparison of key cell, EPC, system integration businesses, and developers in the energy storage industrial chain, and product comparison.

The report will be released in January 2022, with content including:

  1. Global and major FTM, BTM-C&I, and BTM-Residential solar-plus-storage markets.
  2. Solar-plus-storage LCOE assessment and forecast for FTM, BTM-C&I, and BTM-Residential markets.
  3. Analysis of major players in global energy storage industrial chain.
  4. Product analysis.
  5. Updates on major markets (countries/regions). 

China solar and solar plus storage market



Yuan Fang-wei

Dr. Yuan Fang-wei
Dr. Yuan Fang-wei has more than six years of experience in R&D in lithium-ion battery and related materials. Dr. Yuan provides expertise in battery storage development, material and product trends, and price and market forecasting. Dr. Yuan currently serves as a senior ESS analyst who is responsible for global electrochemical energy storage research, providing analysis of market developments, technology trends, and price forecast, as well as economic models and competitive analysis. He also offers services tailored to customer needs.

Prior to joining InfoLink, Dr. Yuan has worked in China for three years. He holds a doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the National Tsing Hua University.

*InfoLink will launch Solar-Plus-Storage Global Market Report in January 2022, helping businesses gain insights of the integration and application of solar PV and ESS. For more information, contact us at