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Updated April 27, 2023
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Source: InfoLink Global Lithium-ion Battery Supply Chain and Trend Report
*Data of REPT includes Battero Tech's.
*The data is based on InfoLink’s survey. The unit is expressed in 100 MWh.
* InfoLink strives to present information with the most comprehensiveness. Official figures shall prevail when there is any discrepancy.

The world shipped 43.9 GWh of energy storage batteries in the first quarter of 2023. Shipping 14 GWh, CATL topped the spot as the leading battery manufacturer but saw a slight decrease in market share due to market volatility.  BYD, REPT, and EVE Energy held the second to fourth positions each with a shipment volume of over 3 GWh. Other manufacturers in the top ten list each shipped 1-2 GWh. The ranking is little changed compared with 2022, except South Korean battery maker Samsung SDI dropped out of the top five.

In the first quarter of 2023, a sharp price decline of battery-grade lithium carbonate recently created a strong wait-and-see attitude among downstream customers  which affected shipments and primed the energy storage market for growth over the next three quarters. InfoLink survey finds manufacturers operating at 50% of utilization rates in the first quarter. Prices for energy storage cells come in at RMB 0.7-0.8/Wh, with some major manufacturers offering price quotes below RMB 0.7/Wh. Against this backdrop, prices for containers of DC-coupled ESS in China come in at RMB 1.05-1.3/Wh. InfoLink expects the number to drop to RMB 0.9-1/Wh in the second half of 2023, propelling another growth spurt in the energy storage market.

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