Date June 13, 2022

2022 marks the 5th anniversary of InfoLink Consulting. Over the past years, we have deepened our presence in the renewable energy industry and have been actively working on product expansions to help more businesses gain competitive edge. To better reflect our current state of business and corporate concept, we’re rebranding with brand new logo and website to prepare for further expansion.

Our corporate concept

Since our establishment in 2017, we have been a trusted partner to our clients. We’ve provided our clients with comprehensive market intelligence, in-depth insights, and strategies to help them navigate the market and pursue excellence. Our businesses constantly evolve to fit businesses’ needs. After standing firm in the renewables sector, we expand our reach in the technology field to help our clients prepare for the future that is shaped by technology.

We believe that as a service provider, we need to stay close to our clients. Our new brand identity will visually represent our position and core value. The rebrand aims to build brand loyalty and recognition, and we will continue to deliver our brand promise to our clients.

A sneak review of our new logo

Since the beginning, our focus has been to provide the most comprehensive and objective market analysis and business strategies. Our new logo incorporates our reputation as a global authoritative market analysis provider with elements of professionalism and trust, to reflect our young and dynamic team through its modern design. By adding in “Consulting,” the new logo allows us to represent our role as a solution provider better.

Color palette

One thing you might find familiar is our color palette. Our most distinguished yellow color, which originally represented photovoltaic, remains one of our primary colors to highlight our lively personality. With black color as another primary color, we maintain a sense of professionalism and our commitment to clients.  As there are other departments and experts that make up what we do, we also represent these departments through new colors. Stay tuned to find out.

Our website

With many details that go into a rebrand, you’ll find changes to our website over the next month. The new website will not only showcase our new visual identity, but it will represent our service expansion. We add in pages that introduce our service in the technology sector and showcase our solutions for businesses. Changes to the website is based on easy-to-navigate and easy-to-follow design.

Our materials

While our logo will be the first thing to change, you’ll start to notice changes visually to our social media, marketing materials, deliverables and more over the next few weeks. As we incorporate our new visual identity into our materials, we expect our clients to better understand our ability to evolve and deliver.

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