Date November 23, 2022
Time 14:00-16:45 CET (Germany) | 08:00-10:45 EST (New York) | 18:30-21:15 IST (India)
Type Webinar

Disproportional supply and demand relationship and raw materials shortage in the solar supply chain have kept prices high. Yet, demand for solar continues to expand as the number of countries committing to achieve carbon neutrality grows. Policies such as China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, Europe’s RePower EU, and the U.S.’ Inflation Reduction Act all boost the development of solar industry. Coupled with energy crisis brought by Russia-Ukraine war, module demand is expected to hit 265-300 GW this year. Meanwhile, large scale of capacity expansion and inflows of investment from different sectors intensifies the competition. The global race to net-zero emissions also beefs up the electric vehicle industry, driving cell manufacturers to accelerate capacity expansion to catch up with demand for lithium-ion battery.

InfoLink will host a webinar on Nov. 23 in collaboration with Reccessary, providing insights and analysis of the solar and energy storage market development amid net-zero transition to help businesses make strategic decision.

Date: November 23, 2022
Time: 14:00-16:45 CET (Germany) | 08:00-10:45 EST (New York) | 18:30-21:15 IST (India)
Type: Webinar

In this webinar, InfoLink and Reccessary will:

  • Predict and analyze global lithium-ion battery supply/demand and supply chain development

  • Discuss challenges facing the solar industry amid supply chain decarbonization

  • Highlight key developments in the upstream segment influencing solar supply chain in 2023

  • Identify five major solar technology trends in 2023

  • Explore changes to long-term demand, global supply chain, and price movements

InfoLink webinar



Dr. Yuan Fang-wei
Senior ESS Analyst
InfoLink Consulting赵延慧资深分析师
Dora Zhao 
Senior Solar Analyst
Derek Zhao 
Senior Solar Analyst
Amy Fang 
Senior Solar Analyst


Judy Chao 

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