Author InfoLink
Updated January 22, 2021

Longi climbed to the top spot of the global module shipment rankings in 2020. According to data compiled by InfoLink, Longi became the world’s largest module supplier with a shipment of more than 20 GW. Jinko, which has retained its status as a module powerhouse for several years in a row, fell to the second place. JA Solar was ranked third among global manufacturers, followed by Trina, Canadian Solar, Hanwha Q Cells, Risen, Astronergy, First Solar and Suntech. Overall, the full-year 2020 report saw a slight reshuffling, but the top 10 companies remain the same as the ranking of the first half of 2020.

module shipment ranking

The top-10 shipped around 114.1 GW of modules last year, dominating 81.5% of demand. The top five largest module suppliers posted significant shipment growth, with each of their shipments having increased more than 30% year-on-year compared with 2019. The trend indicates the increasingly dominance of large manufacturers in the solar industry.

As large PV manufacturers have set ambitious shipment target for 2021, the market share of the top 10 largest manufacturers is expected to grow along with their capacity expansion, taking up more than 90% of global demand. 

Looking ahead, business of smaller manufacturers will struggle amid an increasingly competitive environment. Large companies will form alliance with large manufacturers to promote large size and push supply chains to become vertically integrated to have more control over their supply of raw materials.

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