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Updated August 12, 2020

Longi announced price adjustment in the evening on Aug. 12. This is the third price increase after it raised prices on July 31. G1 and M6 wafers are now priced at RMB 3.1/piece and RMB 3.25/piece, respectively, up by RMB 0.2/piece and RMB 0.22/piece comparing with the July 31 level. For overseas markets, G1 and M6 wafers are respectively priced at USD 0.39/piece and USD 0.409/piece. 

It’s worth noting that the price gap between G1 and M6 has widened to RMB 0.15/piece in the Chinese market. It is an increase of RMB 0.06/piece comparing with the price gap saw on June 25.

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