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Updated August 24, 2017

Poly Price

Polysilicon is still in short supply as many polysilicon makers conducted the equipment maintenance. Suppliers can barely supply polysilicon, which led to small transaction recently, with the prices reaching RMB 140-145/kg. The overseas polysilicon prices didn’t fluctuate much as well.

Wafer Price

Wafer makers still hold conservative attitudes. Leading mono and multi-Si wafer makers haven’t released the price quotes for next month. Therefore, there weren’t many transactions this week. The average trading price of slurry multi-Si wafers reached RMB 5.1-5.3/piece and RMB 4.65-4.75/piece for diamond wire multi-Si wafers.

The wafer shortage is more serious in Taiwan. Although there weren’t many transactions this week, wafer prices are expecting to increase to US$ 0.7-0.72/piece. Due to the less supplies of Longi, several mono-Si wafer makers have revised the prices upward again.

Cell Price

Module makers continue to lower prices as they face high prices from the wafer sector. Cell makers are stuck between wafer and module makers. Since manufacturers expect lower prices, the average trading price has quietly declined for some mono and multi-Si cells. However, most of the orders are still in negotiation with module makers. The range of price decline is not clear yet.

Module Price

Due to the Environmental Impact Assessment (SIA), the increase in auxiliary material prices pushed up the module costs. Before cell prices drop, the module market will still face chaotic pricing. Yet, because cell and auxiliary material prices are high, it will be difficult for module makers to lower prices further.

Looking ahead, the global PV market won’t be able to find major demand support from late-September to October. As demand weakens and cell prices begin to drop, prices will start to decline for all sectors of the supply chain.

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