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Updated March 15, 2018


The peak season of China's domestic market is approaching, and supply chain's capacity utilization rate is gradually recovering. Since multi-Si wafer maker utilization remain high during 2018Q1, polysilicon makers didn’t face too many pressures in the inventory level.

Demand rebounded slightly after the Lunar New Year has boosted up the confidence of polysilicon producers and cause part of them raise up their quoted price. While deal price remain flat compare to last week. The average trading price of polysilicon still around RMB 122/kg for mono-Si wafer use and RMB 110-118/kg for multi-Si wafer use.


This week , the price of mono-Si wafer and multi-Si wafer maintain same level as last week: mono-Si wafer price to RMB 4.55/piece in China and US$ 0.63/piece in the overseas; multi-Si wafer remain RMB 3.7/piece in China and slightly drop to US$ 0.52/piece in the overseas.

Although polysilicon price has stopped falling, but wafer price is following the mono-Si / multi-Si leading producers, and thus the price trend remains to be seen.


Recently cell maker’s margin are the most contracted part in the supply chain, but the price of the cell still remain dropping. Although Chinese domestic prices didn't change of multi-Si cell this week, but slightly decreased to US$ 0.18/W in the overseas.

Not only the difficulties of the prices, the current market demands for conventional multi-Si cell efficiency has close to 18.6%, to get higher portion for 60pc 275W multi-Si cell. Higher efficiency and lower cost places cell manufacturer between a rock and a hard place. Some Taiwanese cell makers have began cutting down multi-Si cell utilization rate.

Demand of mono-Si PERC cell isn't strong in China domestic market , this week Chinese local price has drop down to RMB 1.52-1.6/W, and overseas price remain at US$ 0.225/W. The price gap between the two has widened more compare to last week.


Although demand for the 0630 installation boom this year will appear earlier than last year, but the total demand of this this Q2 might lower than 2017Q2. Moreover, the 2018 installation amount in global and china's market causing some of the enterprise become more conservative, lead to the dropping price in module recently. For the Chinese market, price of conventional multi-Si modules reach RMB 2.45-2.55/W, and mon-Si PERC module follow down to RMB 2.7 - 2.85/W.


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