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Updated May 13, 2018

The C/P ratio competition between mono-Si and multi-Si wafers has had its first outcome in the mid and downstream segments. Finishing a low demand period from last year to early this year, mono-Si products has significantly increased in demand in Q2. Mono-Si PERC and conventional cells even saw a slight tension in supply, which indirectly proved the evident price decrease in mono-Si wafers in recent days.


Much affected by the downturn situation in downstream multi-Si wafers, polysilicon for multi-Si wafer use is facing difficulties in price increase; the average strike price came to RMB 127/kg. Polysilicon for mono-Si wafer use remained high in demand, slightly going up to RMB 132/kg. As mono-Si wafer use enjoyed more consistent demand, most polysilicon manufacturers are focusing on increasing the use of mono-Si materials. As a result, the total productions of mono-Si materials in the market is slowly rising due to the growth of market share in mono-Si products.

For overseas markets, after Wacker announced its resumption of production, overseas polysilicon supply will become more sufficient near the end of Q2, creating a more conservative atmosphere among overseas polysilicon. The average strike price remained US$ 14.3-16.3/kg this week.


Wafer leader Longi announced another price cut last week: 180μm regular pieces went down from RMB 4.5/piece and US$ 0.62/piece to RMB 4.45/piece in China, US$ 0.61/piece overseas. Low resistivity mono-Si wafers came to RMB 4.5/piece in China, US$ 0.62/piece overseas, similar to the current market price of mono-Si wafers.

To retain C/P ratio, multi-Si wafer prices continued to decline after mono-Si wafer prices were announced. Also, due to less demand than mono-Si products, multi-Si wafer prices once again decreased this week, coming down to RMB 3.45/piece in China, US$ 0.49/piece overseas. Expectantly stay in a slight decrease next week.


With clearer price trend of wafers in May, mono-Si PERC and conventional mono-Si cells bounced back in prices thanks to high demand and slightly tense supply. Conventional mono-Si cells rose to RMB 1.48 – 1.52/W in China, US$ 0.203 – 0.208/W overseas; mono-Si PERC cell prices reached RMB 1.6/W in China, US$ 0.226 – 0.235/W overseas.

Multi-Si cells also saw marginal growth, with more than 18.6% of cells increasing to RMB 1.37 – 1.4/W and US$ 0.182/W in Taiwan. Generally speaking, affected by end demand, mono-Si products outgrew multi-Si ones this week.


No significant fluctuations happened around the consecutive holidays. Multi-Si module prices came to RMB 2.45/W; also, several companies are still high in inventory. Conventional mono-Si and mono-Si PERC modules have been the segments higher in demand recently. Also, with the rebound of cell prices, mono-Si module prices is expected to calm.

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