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Updated November 15, 2018

Poly Price

The polysilicon market basically witnesses stable prices in November. Despite the slightly lower polysilicon price for mono wafer use this week, the mainstream price remained flat from last week. The average trading price of polysilicon for multi wafer use reached RMB 75-77/kg.

Currently, both buyers and sellers still hold conservative attitudes toward the trading price. Under such circumstance, mono wafer makers prefer to use polysilicon for multi wafer use instead. Meanwhile, multi wafer makers mostly use third-grade materials to lower raw material costs. Overall, the polysilicon market sees stable supply and demand at this point. Price trend of polysilicon is likely to remain stable before the end of this year. For the overseas, the polysilicon market kept experiencing downturn in highest/lowest prices, but the mainstream price is being negotiated to below US$ 9/kg.

Wafer Price

With stable polysilicon price trend, price movement is limited for mono and multi wafers this week. The trading price of Chinese multi wafers is slightly revised downward. Since polysilicon prices are not lowered much further, multi wafer price is about to hit the bottom.

The overall capacity utilization rate of multi wafers have been reduced too. With the supply level being not too high, the mainstream price of multi wafers should stay flat at RMB 2.05/piece before late-November. On the other hand, multi wafer prices also stabilized at US$ 0.27/piece in the overseas.

Meanwhile, the mono wafer market sees unchanged price trend this week but witnesses much better demand. Although taking the selling price of polysilicon into calculate, mono wafer prices still have room can be lowered further; mono wafer makers are likely to adjust prices in December.

Cell Price

Like wafer price, multi cell prices have slowly hit the bottom. In addition to that, a slight rise in Indian demand could support prices in the short run. The average trading price of multi cells stabilized at RMB 0.84-0.87/W in China and US$ 0.103-0.107/W in the overseas.

For mono cell, due to a boom in installation caused by the “General Top Runner Program”, the 21.5%+ PERC cell market will witness tight supply all the way till the end of this year. Since it’s difficult to obtain these cells in the market, 21.5%+ PERC cell prices this week increased RMB 0.02/W. The mainstream price approaches RMB 1.2/W. Meanwhile, bi-facial high-efficiency cell is priced at RMB 1.25/W this week.

After manufacturers complete making SE technology adjustment, SE has become conventional equipment for PERC cells. Supplies of mono PERC cell with an efficiency of below 21.4% are declining and gradually turning into a non-mainstream product. This week’s price stays flat from last week’s.

Taiwan witnesses more variables in the overseas price. Owing to an installation boom in Taiwan before the end of this year, quotes in mono PERC cell prices continued to increase for Taiwanese manufacturers. After going through US$ 0.165/W last week, manufacturers continue to challenge US$ 0.17/W this week, increase slightly.

Module Price

Both PERC module and cell experienced tight in supply. It’s especially difficult to obtain 310W PERC modules and the same type of bi-facial modules requested by the “General Top Runner Program”. 310W PERC module is priced at RMB 2.2/W. 300/305W module demand has support in both China and the overseas and the supplies have been reduced due to the rise in cell efficiency, leading to stable prices.