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Updated June 06, 2019

Poly Price

During SNEC PV Power Expo Shanghai, polysilicon prices stay constant according to sources from polysilicon and wafer makers. Though there’s a rumor going around that manufactures will raise prices of polysilicon for mono-Si wafer and reduce that for multi-Si wafer, prices have remained unchanged for the second day of the event.

Factors that should have moved the prices for June – higher output of Chinese polysilicon in June than the previous month and the supply of polysilicon for mono-Si wafer affected by overseas facilities’ maintenance, did not change the prices in the end. With most of the manufacturers’ orders booked, prices shall stay the same through the end of June. The factors mentioned are more likely to impact prices for July. It is expected that polysilicon for mono-Si wafer will see increase in prices. That for multi-Si wafer, however, will stay flat despite its rising market demand because there’s also an increasing supply in the market. As weak demand for polysilicon for multi-Si wafer persists in the overseas market, the market prices stay at around USD 7 while that for mono-Si wafer remain unchanged. 

Wafer Price

Multi-Si wafer prices stay constant this week in the Chinese and overseas markets at RMB 1.9/piece and USD 0.255/piece. With polysilicon and cell prices staying unchanged and supply of multi-Si wafer meeting demand, manufacturers are unable to raise prices. As for mono-Si wafer, medium and small-sized manufacturers are trying to increase quotes when large companies’ pricing is stable at present. However, there’s still a buyer/seller standoff, and hence prices will remain within the range of current quotes.

This year’s SNEC saw more wafer makers’ showcasing of cast mono as well as cast-mono cells and modules by downstream manufacturers. Though these manufactures will be developing cast mono, most companies are still observing leading companies’ development of such product. Thus, the market won’t see large scale mass production of cast mono until Q3.

Another highlight this year is modules with power output higher than 400W, which is achieved by larger wafer coupled with various module technologies. Thus, most wafers exhibited this year are bigger than 158.75mm in size.

Cell Price

Cell prices have been confirmed last week, with prices for mono PERC ranging from RMB 1.18-1.21/W. In Taiwan, PERC cell prices remained at USD 0.175/W, representing the high price of mono PERC. The pricing for conventional multi-Si cells is around RMB 0.89-0.9 while Southeast Asian market saw an upward trend toward USD 0.128 or even higher. Prices are expected to remain stable until the next round of price negotiation in July.

Module Price

Module prices have also remained unchanged during SNEC. Most module makers are expecting to raise prices when demand increases in the second half. For multi-Si modules, the market can only increase prices after Chinese demand revives. For mono-Si, order volumes remain stable in Q3, allowing prices to maintain the same despite production output of mono PERC is still climbing. 

PV Glass Price

PV glass makers are increasing quotes during SNEC, showing a strong upward trend. However, as the buyer and seller are still at a standoff, the price trend will be clearer after the end of SNEC. With faith in market outlook for growth, there might be a price uptrend in the short-term.

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