Date January 17, 2022
InfoLink Consulting was invited by the Bank of America for a keynote speech on January 13. On behalf of the firm, PV analyst Amy Fang shed lights on supply-demand relationship and market trend of the PV industry in 2022.

Global module demand could hit 214 GW

The world’s efforts in developing renewable energy drove up module demand to 172.6 GW in 2021, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and increases in raw material costs and ocean freight rates. In China, supportive policies, such as province-wide distributed PV promotion and capacity guarantees, bolster demand, defending the country’s position as the largest PV market that expects to see 75 GW of demand this year. In overseas markets, Europe and the U.S. are likely to post fair performance this year, with 45 GW and 31 GW of module demand, respectively. Global module demand is estimated to come in at 214 GW in 2022.

However, uncertainties remain for cost reduction, given unabated inflation and obstinately high commodity prices. The most buzzed-about EVA particle supply can meet only 230-240 GW of module demand, appearing in a “tight balance,” crimping module production capacity this year. As polysilicon prices gradually decline on a quarter basis, doubled with difficulty in driving down module costs, module prices are not likely to dip very fast, expecting to sit at RMB 1.7/W and USD 0.24-0.25/W by the fourth quarter this year.

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Amy Fang Infolink
Amy Fang
Solar Analyst

Amy focuses on research and analysis of the solar cell and module segment of the supply chain. She supports the team in producing market trend analysis and works across price trend forecast and production capacity data services. Amy keeps on contributing to solar cell and module research efforts, analysis of utilization rates and market trends, as well as timely price forecast and market information.

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