Date July 18, 2022

This year marked the 5th anniversary since the establishment of InfoLink in 2017. As a global authoritative research and consulting firm, InfoLink has been adhered to three core values – intelligence first, integrity, and creating a green lifestyle. InfoLink specializes in converting research into integrated data and analysis that brings competitive advantages to our clients. Having stood firm in the renewable energy industry, InfoLink branches out into the technology industry and consulting services to provide comprehensive solutions that help our clients shape strategic directions in the face of business challenges.

  1. Technology trend analysis

    Our analyst team offers in-depth insights into technology trends, including industry knowledge, policy analysis and dynamic information of global supply chains to help our clients improve investment and operation decision making, and business model development, enabling them to stay ahead  in an ever-changing industry environment with leading industry information and advice.

  1. Consulting services

Our consultant team has rich experience in data analysis and management and provides unique insights using our database.  We provide strategic solutions based on strengths and weaknesses of the company  to help them tackle issues such as solar business transformation, supply chain management optimization, and business management optimization, helping them develop strategic planning, organizational management system and cost planning strategy in line with business requirements.


Grow with customers

With “Link the Value for You” as our creed, we’ve formed a long-term and close partnership with our clients, and we are honored to have our clients, staff, and partners to grow with us. As a trusted third-party consultant, we perpetuate the goal of “bringing value to enterprises” and provide real-time industry analysis data and strategic solutions, helping our clients gain competitive advantages.

Sincere thanks to Longi, JA Solar and all our valued clients and partners for giving us feedback. We will keep our faith and continue to provide high-quality products and services, overcoming every challenge in the future with you.

InfoLink is the most authoritative and widely recognized analysis and consulting firm for the global PV industry. Together, Longi and InfoLink has built a strong partnership since the latter’s establishment. InfoLink provides real-time industry intelligence and accurate perception for market trends, empowering Longi for business expansions.

Renewable energy, particularly solar PV, has become the cornerstone for energy transitions as carbon neutrality is a shared pursuit of the world. Incessantly increasing PV capacity is the way the wind blows, with power generation worldwide growing faster than any other renewables.

This means opportunities, and yet, challenges. The PV industry must keep innovating, striving for lower costs and higher efficiency for solar power generation; meanwhile, with “First Principle thinking,” providing customers with safe, reliable products.

As a globally leading PV manufacturer, Longi focuses on the core business and insists on technology innovation. In 2021, Longi set world-record conversion efficiency of PV cells for seven times, guiding the industry with technological novelty. Longi continues exploring application scenarios for PV integration, actively working on hydrogen to help achieve decarbonization. Finally, introductions of the first sustainable development report, the first net-zero production plant, and the first climate action white paper, all demonstrate Longi’s resolution to build a net-zero future.

Longi carries out its promises in the RE100, EP100, EV100, and SBTi persistently. With the motto, “Solar for Solar,” Longi uses more clean energy for production and takes various measures to reduce energy consumption.

Longi also calls for supply chain partners to join climate pledges, supporting up and downstream suppliers to reduce carbon emission and minimize energy consumption. With partners across the industry, Longi wishes to march forward, realizing energy transition in a nearer future, and contributing an effort for the sustainability of humankinds and the Earth.

Longi Holdings
June, 2022
It is a delight to learn about the launch of InfoLink’s new website, for which we send our heartfelt wishes. For all of us in the wind, energy storage, and PV industries, the website of InfoLink has always been a source of professional information and vital access to market insights. Therefore, the redesign of InfoLink’s website is an exceptional occasion to the renewable industry.

Solar PV is one of the main focuses of InfoLink. Since its establishment in 2017, InfoLink has accompanied the PV industry through the most burgeoning five years. With professional consulting services and reliable statistics, InfoLink has been an essential support for decision-makers across the supply chain.

JA Solar has been working with InfoLink since 2017. During the five-year collaboration, the two parties forge extraordinary bonds and trusts, with our scope of cooperation continually expanding. We are more than happy to see our partner introducing a new website, new company identity, and broader business roadmap. We expect to consolidate this partnership with InfoLink, together marching towards a brighter future.

With the bandwagon of carbon neutrality, PV, wind, and energy storage industries all step on a rapid growth. Facing towards an ever-changing market, objective and comprehensive market analysis is the key to grasp the trend and achieve high-quality development. We expect to find more professional and insightful content on InfoLink’s new website!

Congratulation again on InfoLink’s 5th anniversary and the unveiling of its new website. We wish InfoLink a prospering future and a bigger success in the times ahead!  

JA Solar Holdings
June 25, 2022

Company milestones

InfoLink has been dedicated to providing the most up-to-date market intelligence, product price tracking, market analysis reports, statistical research and company consulting services. In 2018, our research data in solar energy became an industry benchmark and our client base covered Tier-1 manufacturers in all segments of the supply chain. As our business continued to expand, we established wind power and energy storage industry department in 2019 and 2021. Today, we are a trusted partner to more than 130 companies and our client portfolio is still growing. At the end of 2021, we launched DataFactory, a supply and demand database of solar energy and established the carbon reduction services. In 2022, we expand into technology and consulting services, keeping innovating to provide a full range of services, in the hope to leverage our industry experience in renewable energy to help businesses develop effective solutions and establish a solid footing in the highly competitive industry environment.

With a foothold in the renewable energy industry, InfoLink Consulting has been committed to providing global enterprises with industry analysis and data intelligence. While our business expands, our commitments remain the same. We will continue to innovate, provide high-quality, professional services, and make InfoLink a world-leading research and consulting company.