Date November 23, 2022
Time 14:00-16:45 CET (Germany) | 08:00-10:45 EST (New York) | 18:30-21:15 IST (India)
Type Webinar

Despite surging prices in the supply chain, global pursuit of net-zero emissions and regional energy crisis continue to push up solar demand, with China, Europe, Brazil, and the Middle East markets witnessing robust demand. Overall, this year’s module demand is expected to hit 265-300 GW, up 50-68% from the previous year.

As energy challenges persist, while governments across the globe set long-term goals for energy development, demand is projected to reach 325-360 GW in 2023, with an annual growth rate of 17-20% from 2024 to 2026.

Against the backdrops of polysilicon supply shortage, high materials costs, and longer lead time, manufacturers are evaluating the feasibility of shifting supply chain away from China, while countries including the U.S., Europe, and India allocate funds to build a domestic supply chain.

Looking into the capacity growth in each segment in overseas markets, module capacity is expanded faster than others due to relatively lower initial capital and higher degree of automation. Statistics collected by InfoLink show that capacity overseas may grow 15% to 17% in 2023. In addition, quite a few Chinese cell makers are expanding into module business, intensifying the competition in the segment in Q4.

In the coming year, manufacturers will need to put more emphasis in competitive strategy and price trends. Supply chain management overseas will also become crucial, as demand for products free from forced labor increases.
InfoLink will hold a webinar titled “Net-zero challenges: Trends and movements shaking up solar and energy storage markets” in collaboration with Reccessary on Nov. 23. At this seminar, InfoLink will explore supply chain managements overseas and analyze whether domestic supply chain in each market can bring economic benefits to manufacturing. 

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Dr. Yuan Fang-wei
Senior ESS Analyst
InfoLink Consulting赵延慧资深分析师
Dora Zhao 
Senior Solar Analyst
Derek Zhao 
Senior Solar Analyst
Amy Fang 
Senior Solar Analyst


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