Date December 20, 2023
Time 10:30-12:30 IST (India)|13:00-15:00 CST (Taiwan)|14:00-16:00 JST (Japan)
Type Webinar

Missed our webinar? Catch the replay on Dec 20th! Tune in at 10:30-12:30 IST, 13:00-15:00 CST, 14:00-16:00 JST. Don't miss insights into the Solar Energy and storage industry trends for 2024!

The renewable energy industry has seen an unprecedented growth, but the rapidly evolving landscape brings new challenges. It is essential for businesses to understand and adapt to changes to stay competitive. In InfoLink Consulting’s upcoming webinar, "What Awaits in 2024,” InfoLink experts will discuss market updates, trends on supply chain prices, and next-generation technology in the solar and energy storage industries.

Attendees can expect a comprehensive exploration of topics including supply-demand dynamics and industry landscape in 2024, price trend amidst excess solar cell and module supply, module demand and business opportunities for overseas expansion, the outlook for n-type cell technology, and the oversupply, localization, and global price trends of energy-storage cells.  

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InfoLink Webinar 2023

About InfoLink Consulting:

InfoLink Consulting is the most trusted information source for professionals in the renewable energy sector. Our research team provides data analysis and market insights. Join us to explore the latest technology advancements, price trend and production cost structure, supply-demand dynamics of solar PV and energy storage supply chains.

About speakers:


Dora Zhao, Senior Solar Analyst
Dora has over 15 years of experience in the solar industry. Prior to this role, Dora applied her expertise in market analysis and sales to a leading solar company. At InfoLink, Dora focuses on the upstream and midstream of the supply chain. She closely monitors and analyzes demand, supply, price trends, and competition in the polysilicon and wafer sectors.


Amy Fang, Senior Solar Analyst
Amy surveys and analyzes supply, demand, and price trend of the entire solar supply chain, discerning market direction based on production capacity, output, and weekly price trend. She has established firm connection with both buyers and sellers across the supply chain. Amy works with a particular focus on production capacities and utilization rates of cell and module manufacturers. She produces monthly reports of price forecasts, market movement updates, and other real-time information.


Alan Tu, Solar Analyst
Alan focuses on national policies and demand of countries worldwide, especially China, Europe, the U.S., and other major markets. He is constantly and closely watching the change of policy trajectories and the potential impacts on the solar industry, exploring the connection between the solar market and international trade environment.



Derek Zhao, Senior Solar Analyst
Derek has over ten years of experience in the solar industry. Prior to joining InfoLink, Derek had served at Tier-1 solar equipment company, BOM company, and vertically integrated solar company, with responsibility for technical support, product and market analysis, and technology management.At InfoLink, Derek focuses on technology roadmaps and production costs of all sectors across the solar supply chain. Derek consolidates InfoLink’s technology research, providing clients with clear, up-to-date, industry-leading insights and strategic advice.



Penny Liao, Energy Storage Researcher
Penny works on the research of energy storage market, national policies, and international market movements, with focuses on BTM C&I markets and energy storage business models. She is also involved with the analysis of major companies across the energy storage supply chain, providing comprehensive information and market insights.

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