Date August 07, 2023

InfoLink introduces the innovative "Global Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Database 2023" report, delving into the current and future trends, as well as supply-demand dynamics of the global lithium-ion battery market. With detailed data on major battery manufacturers' capacity, production, and shipment, the report equips businesses to gain a competitive edge in the vibrant energy storage market.

During the first half of 2023, the lithium carbonate market experienced a price collapse followed by a rebound in May, leading to rapid fluctuations in lithium-ion battery prices. Statistics of ongoing projects in the cell industry, the second half of the year indicate a clear trend of overcapacity in the second half of this year, which will inevitably trigger a new wave of price wars, accelerating the growth rate of the energy storage market. 

In response to the increasing global demand for energy storage systems, the "Global Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Database 2023" report comprises five main sections to assist businesses in understanding the industry's supply and demand relationship, including: 
  1. Global lithium-ion battery market overview 
  2. Analysis of lithium-ion battery supply and demand
  3. Analysis of upstream material, lithium ore 
  4. Lithium-ion battery price forecast
  5. Analysis of major cell manufacturers' capacity, production, and shipment
In addition to the supply chain database, the report includes statistics on lithium battery demand, which is updated semi-annually, offering businesses objective insights into the global market.  

Yuan Fang-wei, a senior analyst at InfoLink, mentioned that in this report, one will not only find accurate data but also real-time updates from production lines of various factories. The report categorizes major cell manufacturers by country, region, base, type, and forms of cells to ensure the completeness and extensiveness of information. 

In the future, the database will also include information on capacity, production, shipment, and price comparisons of power conditioning systems (PCS) suppliers and energy storage system integrators to cover the energy storage supply chain comprehensively.

InfoLink has long maintained friendly and close communication with the industry. This database encompasses data from interviews and visits to more than 10 Chinese and Korean cell manufacturers, as well as publicly available financial reports, utility or government data, and other sources. Also featuring analysis from well-experienced industry analysts, the “Global Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Database 2023" report is an indispensable tool for businesses making strategic and data-driven decisions in the burgeoning energy storage market. 

Global Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Database 2023

Strengthen your supply chain management and drive your business’ strategies with data insights!

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