Date May 11, 2023
InfoLink Consulting is sponsoring the youth baseball league of Chung Ping Elementary School in Taoyuan to nurture young baseball talent and promote sports among children.

Chairperson Corrine Lin (林嫣容) and Chief Executive Officer Jason Huang (黃公暉) of InfoLink on May 11 signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Principal Yang Ya-fang (楊雅芳) and President Li Shen-zhen (李沈鎮) of the Parents Association, with coaches and the team witnessing the ceremony.

"The development of youth baseball is the cornerstone of the success of sports," said Lin, an alumnus of Taoyuan’s Ping Jen Senior High School, which is famous for its youth baseball team.

The low level of social interest and little corporate sponsorship for youth baseball teams often hamper them from participating in overseas competitions, Lin said. She hopes to start the sponsorship program from Chung Ping Elementary School, where students can kick off their baseball career.

Principal Yang expressed her gratitude for InfoLink's dedication to the baseball team. With the company’s support, the team can enjoy adequate resources and a better environment to play baseball without worrying about the funding, and they will strive to achieve better results, she said.

InfoLink has committed to funding games for Chung Ping Elementary youth baseball league for three consecutive years. Moreover, the company will arrange guest coaches to provide instruction on physical fitness, relaxation, and protection to ensure a safer sports environment and convey the importance of sports protection.

InfoLink will also arrange for students to attend training sessions at a sports science center and introduce technology to optimize training quality and efficiency.

InfoLink has long been caring about the development of baseball in Taiwan. Since last year, the company has been involved in the sports industry by sponsoring games for Rakuten Monkeys to support professional baseball and promote baseball as a sport for all.

To encourage baseball players at Chung Ping Elementary School to balance sports and academics, InfoLink offers the top three students of the semester admission to Rakuten Monkeys’ VIP room. This gives them the opportunity to see baseball stars and inspires them to achieve the dream of becoming a professional baseball player.

Lin said that this cooperation is based on the intention of cultivating young talent from the sports field and establishing a solid foundation for baseball, the national sport in Taiwan, adding that InfoLink hopes to lead more companies to pay attention, support, and nurture future pillars of national professional baseball.

InfoLink Consulting
▲ From right: InfoLink Chairperson Lin, CEO Huang, Principal Yang, President Li pictured with the youth baseball league of Chung Ping Elementary School.

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