Date April 13, 2023

InfoLink Consulting has launched the DataFactory V2.0, a visual database system that provides insights of the global solar supply chain with informative infographics. The new DataFactory V2.0 supports customized search and diverse chart presentation with a new competitor analysis feature, allowing businesses to acquire analysis reports for different aspects based on their specific needs, such as technology and product size trends, capacity expansion and factory output, as well as comprehensive comparison between upstream and downstream solar industry players, identifying correlations between data at once. With DataFactory V2.0, businesses can keep abreast of the rapidly changing solar market trends, make data-driven decisions, and optimize their business strategies with minimal time and effort.

DataFactory V2.0 makes the most of the database

  • Real-time industry information: Keep you up to date with the latest market trends and give you a head start on key news.

  • Various analysis functions: The dashboard reduces the time you need to compile data across files and enables data filtering, sorting, and aggregation for manufacturing capacity comparisons or competitor analysis, etc.

  • Data and image export: Export data to Excel and charts to images for business purposes with one click.

  • Analyst note: Get instant access to analysts' views before the release of regular reports.

InfoLink's commitment to "Link the Value for You" drives us to provide businesses with real-time and accurate market data and information. With our newly upgraded database system, DATAFACTORY V2.0, businesses can navigate the shifting industry landscape more efficiently, increase their competitiveness, and make informed decisions.

To learn more, contact us at: service@infolink-group.com