Author Sharon Chen
Updated February 18, 2021

According to the latest report from InfoLink, Taiwan’s shipment volumes of solar modules and inverters saw continued growth in 2020, although it failed to meet the 2.2 GW target. Compared with 2019, shipments of modules and inverters grew more than 20%.

URE slips in market share; Motech enters top-five rankings for first time

The Taiwanese PV market registered a steady installation growth in 2020, according to InfoLink senior analyst Sharon Chen. URE, TSEC, and AUO dominated the module market, taking up a combined market share of 70%.

While URE maintained the leading position of the module shipment ranking in 2020, the company’s market share has been slipping year by year after it reached 48% in 2018, when NSP, GinTech and Solartech Energy completed merger and established URE. 2019 saw TSEC catching up the pace of URE, and the former may surpass the latter in 2021 to become the largest Taiwanese module supplier.

In recent years, TSEC has been actively engaging in procurement exercises for utility-scale projects and rose to become the top choice of key utility-scale projects in Taiwan. It’s also worth noting that Motech entered the top-five rankings for the first time. Motech’s significant growth can be ascribed to its active partnership with system developers and R&D efforts in developing high-efficiency modules with TSEC.

Solargiga, which was in the top-five rankings in the first half of 2020, was edged out by rivals in the full-year ranking due to its strategic shifts in Taiwan market.

2020 full year Taiwan Module Shipment Ranking

Delta remains top position in inverters; SolarEdge enters top-five ranking

Delta has retained no. 1 position in solar inverters in Taiwan for four consequent years, with its market share staying stable. Delta has become the most recognized brand name for inverters in Taiwan. Sungrow, which has obtained Voluntary Product Certification (VPC) ahead of other manufacturers in 2019, entered the rankings that year. While VPC has become a commonplace among manufacturers in 2020, Sungrow jumped to the second spot by securing the largest project in Taiwan.

SolarEdge entered the top-five for the first time owing to its successful sales strategy plan. The past three years saw the top three largest inverter suppliers dominate more than 50% of the market share in Taiwan, added senior analyst Chen.

2020 full year Taiwan Inverter Shipment Ranking

Looking ahead, Taiwanese PV manufacturers will remain the top five largest module suppliers in the domestic market. The inverter market, having gone through a reshuffling, is becoming stable. As system developers have built a partnership with their suppliers, foreign manufacturers not only have to obtain VPC, but also find ways to create business partnership with developers and secure orders from utility-scale projects if they want to expand into the Taiwanese market.

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