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Updated July 24, 2020

Longi announced wafer prices on July 24, with G1 and M6 respectively priced at RMB 2.63/piece and RMB 2.72/piece, up by RMB 0.1/piece and RMB 0.11/piece comparing to the prices published on June 25. For foreign markets, the price for G1 and M6 is respectively priced at USD 0.331/piece and USD 0.343/piece.

According to sources, Longi has cancelled discounts this month and will sell wafers with a price based on the terms and conditions of long-term contracts. So, the trading price will be slightly lower than the official prices.

The price gap between G1 and M6 widened to RMB 0.1/piece, up by RMB 0.01/piece comparing to the level on June 25. This indicates that demand for M6 remains stable. As worsened polysilicon supply shortage leads to an increase in polysilicon prices and increasingly higher costs for mono-Si wafer production, Longi raises mono-Si wafer prices in line with the increase.

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