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Updated July 01, 2020

Jolywood has delivered its first batch of n-type TOPCon bifacial modules to the 575 MW Oman Ibri II project in May, the Middle East’s largest utility scale solar project. The company won a large order to supply 458 MW modules in the solar plant last year.  

The project marks Jolywood’s second n-type supply deal for utility scale projects in Oman. It previously supplied n-type bifacial modules for a 105 MW solar park in Oman under a contract with Marubeni. The project has completed grid connection this January.

N-type has a growing presence in the desert climate zone owing to advantages in the high temperature conditions, such as lower temperature coefficients and higher power generation performance than p-type. In addition, n-type HJT, TOPCon, and PERT cells can generate power on both sides, making them particularly ideal for the highly reflective desert surfaces. 

Another recent example of utility scale n-type projects is the 100 MW solar park commissioned in Kazakhstan. The facility uses heterojunction (HJT) bifacial modules provided by Hevel, a Russia-based module manufacturer.

Hevel’s n-type HJT module features high power output, low temperature coefficients, and a bifaciality as high as 90%. The n-type TOPCon bifacial modules deployed by Jolywood in Oman also reached an 80% bifaciality.

While HJT modules appear to enjoy higher power performance, its higher manufacturing cost comparing to TOPCon makes it difficult to tell which technique will become mainstream for now. 

Despite higher efficiency and lower temperature coefficients, the high capex incurred by n-type modules hinders the product’s path to mainstream market adoption. InfoLink projects that only 7% of the 112 GW global demand will come from n-type this year. At present, Japan, Europe and the U.S., as well as the Middle East and Brazil have adopted n-type modules, whereas markets like India still prefers p-type for lower costs. But this is expected to change as advancing technology continues to drive down costs.

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