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Updated November 09, 2017

The wafer, cell, and module markets witnessed quite some fluctuation in prices from late-October to November. Spot prices are more stable this week. However, multi-Si demand is still higher than mono-Si, and therefore multi-Si cell prices are slightly higher than mono-Si for some orders.


As wafer prices begin to fall and Korean polysilicon imports may be imposed a duty rate within 10%, it will be difficult for polysilicon prices to rise further. The average trading price of polysilicon reached RMB 149-154/kg in China and US$ 14-14.3/kg in the overseas.

Polysilicon prices won’t start to drop until demand weakens in December. Prices are not likely to drop significantly this year since productions are just slowly increasing after the equipment maintenance. The average trading price will be difficult to drop below RMB 140/kg before the end of this year. The significant decline of prices won’t start to show until January and February of 2018.


The average trading price of diamond wire (DW) multi-Si wafers reached RMB 4.75/piece in China and US$ 0.645-0.65/piece in the overseas. That of slurry reached RMB 5.05/piece this week and US$ 0.685/piece in the overseas.

The average trading price of 180µm mono-Si wafers reached RMB 5.6-5.7/piece and US$ 0.75-0.76/piece in the overseas. Although multi-Si demand will remain strong till early-December, multi-Si wafer prices may decline to keep its cost effectiveness in consideration of the product trend in 1H18.


After mono and multi-Si cell reaching the same price of RMB 1.75/W last week in China, prices have increased successfully for some multi-Si orders, but prices have declined for some mono-Si orders as well. This shows that multi-Si demand remains strong, while mono-Si products are at an inferior position.

Cell prices didn’t change much from last week in Taiwan. The average trading price reached US$ 0.222-0.225/W for multi-Si cells. As a result, Taiwanese cell prices are slightly lower than Chinese cells.

PERC cell prices dropped RMB 2/W to US$ 0.275-0.28/W following the weaker mono-Si demand.


The flat multi-Si cell prices have stabilized the Chinese multi-Si module prices. Meanwhile, mono-Si module prices may slightly decline following the downtrend of mono-Si cells.
For the overseas markets, since no more updates have been announced for the “Section 201” case, prices remained high in the US. US demand will also stay strong till late-December. 

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