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Updated October 19, 2018

Poly  Price

This week’s polysilicon market witnessed continuous decline in prices. The average trading price of polysilicon reached RMB 85/kg for mono-Si wafer use and RMB 78/kg for multi-Si wafer use. Since both mono-Si and multi-Si wafer makers witness average demand, they refuse to purchase polysilicon at a high price, and therefore the downtrend in polysilicon prices is likely to continue. However, such level of price is close to the bottom line for some polysilicon companies, and as a result, prices won’t decline much further. With price staying at a low level, some polysilicon makers may choose to suspend productions. This will lower supplies again in the overall market, pulling up prices. On the other hand, the overseas markets witnessed weak trading volume, leading to more space for negotiation and bigger price drop. With the high level of inventory and weak trading volume, overseas sellers mostly sold products at a price lower than cost. This tough market condition is expecting to last for awhile. 

Wafer  Price

Following the lower polysilicon prices and weak wafer demand, the multi-Si wafer market still saw a 1% dip in prices this week. How much wafer price will drop later will depend on polysilicon price. The mainstream price of multi-Si wafers reached RMB 2.1-2.15/pc in China and US$ 0.278-0.282/pc in the overseas. The highest price per week is almost the average price of the previous week. For the overseas, due to the currency factor and lower quotes in Chinese prices, overseas wafer prices have also been revised downward. Yet, because the price gap between US and RMB quotes in prices remains large, overseas prices may go down further next week. But the multi-Si wafer market will still witness weak trading volume. For mono-Si wafers, none of the top-tier makers have announced to adjust prices yet. Judging from the current market condition, no adjustment will be made to November prices, which is expecting to be announced in late-October.

Cell  Price

Despite the weaker demand and price of multi-Si cells, the average trading price of multi-Si cell with an efficiency of over 18.6% reached US$ 0.105-0.107/W and RMB 0.85-0.86/W. Like wafer sector, the multi-Si cell market will continue to experience slight downtrend in prices. 

The mono-Si PERC cell market not just witnessed strong demand in China, but also saw many orders for 300W and 305W mono-Si PERC modules in the overseas, lifting up mono-Si PERC cell demand and prices.

Module  Price

Recently, China has high demand for 310W and 315W high-efficiency modules to fulfill the need for the “General Top Runner Program”. Demand from other PV projects in China also increased and the major product in demand is PERC module, resulting in stronger PERC module than multi-Si module demand. It appears that there will be large-scale bids for PERC modules later, allowing the P-type mono-Si market to witness strong demand next year too.

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