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Updated October 11, 2018

Poly Price

The polysilicon, as expected, continued to fall in price after the China’s Golden Week wrapped up. The current average price comes to RMB 87/kg. Top-tier mono-Si wafer makers have targeted buying prices lower than RMB 85/kg, so a tug-of-war affair could be seen between polysilicon and wafer makers in the near future. A decline for the polysilicon price is still expected.

The multi-Si wafer use has taken a downfall following the decline in wafer prices. Some second-tier polysilicon makers have gone to prices lower than RMB 70/kg, while most top-tier companies are hanging on at RMB 80/kg. In non-Chinese markets, the low demand has not shown signs of rebound although the sellers have lowered their quotes. The actual trading price continues to decrease.

Wafer Price

As the multi-Si market stays weak, there is still room for price negotiation as the wafer production continues. In China, multi-Si wafers are commonly sold at RMB 2.15/pc. The multi-Si segment is facing challenges in October and November, as the price continues to fall caused by the downtrend of the polysilicon price. Full capacity is unlikely for multi-Si wafer makers in October.

In non-Chinese markets, the price has made concession to the room for price negotiation seen at the beginning of this month, decreasing to US$ 0.283/pc. Due to a price difference between the US$ and RMB quotes, another downfall is expected in non-Chinese markets on the premise that there is in demand for  multi-Si wafers of non-Chinese markets. For mono-Si wafers, top-tier companies have not announced price adjustments; also, thanks to the more promising market situation, no significant change in price is foreseen in the near future.

Cell Price

The cell sector remains unchanged as before the China’s Golden Week. Although the demand in non-Chinese markets shows ample support, the multi-Si price stays downwards due to insufficient demand. Multi-Si cells with efficiencies of 18.6% or above have come to US$ 0.105-0.107/W in non-Chinese markets, while in China the price has gone from RMB 0.88/W to RMB 0.85-0.88/W.
Mono-Si PERC cells are in high demand in both Chinese and non-Chinese markets; the latter mainly seek after the mono-Si PERC 300W / 305W modules. This has made regular-efficiency mono-Si PERC cells took a slight increase in both Chinese and non-Chinese markets. The price in non-Chinese markets has come to US$ 0.145/W; the prices in China average RMB 1.1-1.15/W. 

Conventional multi-Si cells prices will stay weak in the near future, with only top-tier vertically-integrated companies and top-tier cell makers remaining at full capacity utilization rates as of now. With the help of the General Top Runner Program, the price for mono-Si PERC cells has support in Q4. 

Module Price

China has seen great demand for 310W / 315W high-efficiency modules from the General Top Runner Program; the demand for 300W conventional PERC modules has also gone up since September, giving support for the price of mono-Si PERC modules in China in Q4.

The demand for multi-Si modules stays low. Prices from top-tier manufacturers came to RMB 1.85-1.88/W, while second-tier makers averaged RMB 1.8/W. 

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