Author InfoLink
Updated February 21, 2019

Poly Price

This week, prices for polysilicon remain stable. Despite purchasing price of mono-Si wafer use in March increases slightly, the majority reaches between RMB 80-82/kg. Demand in March is stable for now, but supply will increase following the addition of new capacity and completion of polysilicon manufacturers’ equipment maintenance.

Thus, sellers and buyers are at a standoff on prices in March, with probability reaching at the ceiling of recent price range. PV InfoLink sees no significant increase in demand for multi-Si wafer use polysilicon, so it requires more time for price negotiations, leading to lower amount of transactions.

Overseas mono-Si wafer use polysilicon saw slightly higher transaction price. PV InfoLink sees an upwards trend in overall price, but the range for increase is limited for now.    

Wafer Price

This week, prices for wafer remain flat. Though there’s a tendency for multi-Si wafer manufacturers to increase price, it’s still affected by changes in mono-Si wafer prices. As March is approaching next week, there’s enough demand for multi cells while overseas and China’s supply and demand for wafer has remained balanced despite lower production in February. Therefore, PV InfoLink sees demand for multi-Si wafer will remain neutral in March. Price for multi-Si wafer might see a continued increase, but it’s uncertain if the price could be accepted by cell manufacturers.

As for mono-Si, Zhonghuan Solar and Longi may release new quotes in price this week. As mono-Si products has rather positive market feedback while demand for mono-Si wafer has remained strong, another round of price increase can be expected in the end of the month. However, as prices for mono PERC cell is likely to decrease, the level of support for wafer price is expected to be affected. 

Cell Price

Following decreased production of multi cells in February, relationship between demand and supply remains tense. Suppliers’ recent quote in price maintains between RMB 0.88-0.9/W, with unchanged price at around US$ 0.115/W temporarily.  

Mono PERC cell, on the other hand, remains strong in demand while cell manufacturers’ quote stays unchanged. However, as Tongwei has been releasing new capacity of PERC cell, tight supply of mono PERC cell sees a trend of rebalance while module suppliers also started pushing cell suppliers. Nevertheless, as wafer manufactures still hope to increase price, cell, wafer and module suppliers are still negotiating for mono PERC cell prices.

Module Price

Despite PERC module saw partial increase in price, there was already significant increase previously, prices for overall mono PERC module begin to stabilize. For US market, as tax rate has been reduced under section 201 while new capacity of local module will put in production, module will see downward trend in prices. 

As for multi-Si module, demand might decrease after the end of India’s high season in Q1. PV InfoLink predicts a downward trend in prices from March to Q2.