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Updated October 04, 2018

Poly Price

Due to the arrival of the long holidays in China, no apparent changes were seen in quotes in RMB. Trading volumes in non-Chinese markets were also low, and although the buyers kept lowering the quotes, almost no actual strike price was made. As a result, both Chinese and non-Chinese polysilicon prices remained consistent as last week. The market prices are likely to decline after the long holidays.

Wafer Price

This week, mono-Si and multi-Si wafers both remained unchanged in quotes; only the high points of non-Chinese multi-Si price continued to fall. Further fluctuations are expected in wafer prices post China’s long holidays.

Cell Price

Chinese cells also kept the same levels in price due to the holidays, with only few orders were delivered in non-Chinese markets. Multi-Si cells continued a slight downtrend, as prices for multi-Si cells with efficiencies 18.6% or above came to US$ 0.108/W. Currently multi-Si cells still have not taken a brake to the downfall, hence possible decline after the China’s long holidays.

Mono-Si PERC cells were in demand thanks to the General Top Runner Program and non-Chinese demands. Currently Taiwanese companies average at US$ 0.15/W in quotes, hence the low trading volume.

Module Price

With solar exhibition taking place US, Japan, and Australia in the near future, demand from non-Chinese markets are promising. However, modules from non-Chinese markets are still in a downfall; the utilization rates of Southeast Asian OEMs are significantly low. This situation has caused a slight decrease in US and EU markets. Currently multi-Si modules in the EU are commonly seen at US$ 0.23-0.25/W, while mono-Si PERC modules fell to US$ 0.260-0.275/W.

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